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August 2017 - Dental Month

During August we are offering free dental checks and discounted Dental Packages!

Did you know that dogs and cats need dental care, too? Unfortunately, dental hygiene for pets is often overlooked. 
Lack of dental care can not only cause bad breath, periodontal disease, bone infections, pain, and tooth loss but can affect other parts of the body, like the heart and kidneys too.

Signs of dental disease:
• Bad breath
• Yellow/brown stains on teeth
• Changes in chewing habits
• Abnormal drooling
• Red and/or puffy gums
• Bleeding gums
• Tartar (hard brown or yellow coating on the teeth)
• Missing and/or loose teeth

Call 9629 2030 to book your pet's free dental check during August and take advantage of our discounted dental packages.


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