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  • 27 Merriville Rd, Kellyville Ridge

Professional Grooming

Dog Grooming

Our professional dog groomer Greta is an animal lover and has been working in veterinary industry for over 19 years. She provides a full range of grooming, clipping and washing services for dogs of all sizes and breeds, including breed specific cuts.

Our grooming service includes:

  • Pre-brushing
  • Hydrobath using premium shampoos, chosen for your dog’s individual needs
  • Nail trimming
  • Towel and blow dry

Greta is available every Thursday. For a personalised quote, give us a call on 9629 2030


Cat Grooming

Usually cats are quite capable of grooming themselves, but sometimes they may require a helping hand. This is especially common in long haired cats and cats with arthritis or other medical problems that hinder their ability to self-groom.

We provide cat grooming services by appointment Monday - Friday, these services include:

  • Brush outs
  • Lion clips (body is shaved, head, paws and tail are left fluffy)

Grooming is performed under a short sedation for their comfort and safety